High Definition

Micronized and gently matifying foundation for the most natural in make-up for high-definition camera technology for cinema, TV and photography. With vitamin E and a protective complex against aggressive ultraviolet radiation 
Matifying liquid when applied thinly and effectively with a very finepore sponge or foundation brush, creates an extraordinary make-up with matting effect. After drying, it is smudge-proof and moisture resistant
 هذا المنتج الأبصار بقدرته الفائقة على تنشيط خلايا البشرة لاحتوائه على فيتامين E وهذا يحمي من الأشعة فوق البنفسجية وهو غير مضيء على البشرة وسعته 30 مل وموجود بأكثر من 30 درجة لون.
Art. 19140
lDetails 30ml 
Price other than the shipping costs 
300  L.E

Soft, micronized foundation with anti-aging complex and protective filter against harmful ultraviolet radiation – for a perfect appearance. Ideally suited for natural looking make-up for high-definition camera work in film, television and photography 
Apply smoothing fluid thinly and evenly with a fine-pore make-up sponge or foundation brush. Allow to act briefly and powder if  necessary with Micro Silk Powder
كريم أساس ناعم ورقيق ومقاوم لعلامات تقدم البشرة السبعة ويحمي من الأشعة البنفسجية وأثارها على البشرة ويمكن أن تستخدمه السيدات أثناء ساعات العمل الطويلة اليومية ولا يكون طبقة و يمكن وضعه بواسطة الفرشاة أو الإسفنجة ويدعم بواسطة
 (Micro Silk Powder)
Art. 19130 
   Price other than the shippin 
300 L.E

Micronized foundation with unique light reflection. Optically, it significantly reduces the shadow effects of wrinkles. Which means that it nables natural, youthful appearance especially with make-up for high-definition camera techniques for film, TV and photography 
At the same time, special ingredients protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation and from harmful environmental influences 
Thinly and evenly apply Micro Foundation Cream with a very fine-pore make-up sponge or foundation brush and set it with Micro Silk Powder 
هذا النوع دقيق التركيز يخفي ظهور التجاعيد ويقلل منها وقد أكد الاختبار الطبي ذلك وأيضا يوفر إطلالة شبابية لكبار العمر لأنه عالي التركيز ويحمي من الشمس و الأشعة فوق البنفسجية ومن العوامل البيئية المؤذية للبشرة ويستخدم بواسطة فرشاة الماكياج مع (Micro Silk Powder) لتثبيته أكثر.
Art. 19001 
Price other than the shipping costs  
250 L.E
Micro Foundation Cache is a further development of High Definition Micro Foundation Cream. Micro Foundation Cache is an excellent foundation with good coverage and may be used as an effective concealer as it contains double the quantity of color pigments that is contained in High Definition Micro Foundation Cream. The excellent covering properties are provided by micronized pigments. This new product satisfies the requirements for high‐definition camera technology
Thinly and evenly apply Micro Foundation Cache with a fine-pore make-up sponge or suitable foundation brush. If stronger coverage is required, the makeup should be dabbed on if necessary repeatedly. Micro Foundation Cache should be set with Micro Silk Powder - Art. 
Art. 19015
Details 10 g
Price other than the shipping costs  
300 L.E
Transparent light powder with silk protein for matifying and for setting make-up after application. Its micro-fine particles make it an ideal preparation for high-definition camera technology as well.
Innovative ingredients have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects and protect from harmful ultraviolet radiation. SPF = 9
تحتوي هذه البودرة على بروتين حريري وهي غير براقة تخدم البشرة وتعطي مفعول ساحر إذا وضعت حول العين قبل البدء بعملية الماكياج حيث يوجد فيها نسبة واقي شمس حوالي 9 درجات وتحمي من الأشعة فوق البنفسجية.
البودرة الحريرية الدقيقة مصنعة من سلك بروتين وهذا سبب ظهور الملمس الحريري..
Art. 19700
Details 20 g 
Price other than the shipping costs  
250 L.E
Skinliner represents a new concept for precise make-up lines on the face and body – and also serves as a perfect lip- and eye liner 
Skinliner is applied easily and conveniently. The soft silicone tip draws a precise line, and the color ink demonstrates excellent adherence to the skin, without running. Waterproof. KRYOLAN Eye Make-up Remover is recommended for removal of waterproof Skinliner 
Note: After long use of Skinliner, the soft silicone tip can wear out. To extend the life of the liner, just pull out the tip, turn it around, and replace it. This restores the original precision 
Art. 19090 
Price other than the shipping costs  
125 L.E
Cream Liner, especially color intensive, for fashionable, flawless eyelining. Cream Liner does not drip. It is comfortable to apply and is water-resistant. Its durability makes it ideally suited in a very special way, also for professional applications 
Apply the product with a brush onto the desired area 
Art. 19321
Details 6 g
Price other than the shipping costs 
140 L.E 
Vibrant pigments conjure up fireworks of intensive colors on the skin. These microfine pigments have been processed in such a way that they adhere especially effectively to the skin, and that their effects are maintained over a long period. Living Color produces a highly convincing  diversity of effects: used as eye shadow, as color intensifier, or for creating the make-up artist’s own airbrush colors with the HD Micro Foundation On Air Colorless Base 
Application as Eye Shadow:
Apply Living Color with a brush onto the desired area 
Application as color pigment for airbrush:
Mix the desired amount of Living Color with HD Micro Foundation On Air Colorless Base in a clean, reclosable container and shake well. Apply as usual 
Art. 19761 
4,5g Details 
Price other than the shipping costs  
135 L.E
Micro Foundation On Air Spray is make-up from the spray can for arms, legs and décolleté 
An airbrush make-up for ultra-natural foundation and flawless appearance – especially for high-definition camera technology in film, TV and photography 
Art. 19835 
Details 50ml
Price other than the shipping costs  
175 L.E

Micro Foundation On Air represents an innovative make-up concept that has been especially developed for high-definition, digital TV technology. A foundation provided on the basis of Micro Foundation On Air produces a flawless, streak-free and uniformly distributed surface on the skin. This preparation is sprayed on by means of an airbrush gun, without contact and with a maximum pressure of 0.5 bar. The product dries immediately and will not smudge or rub off afterward. Micro Foundation On Air can be easily removed with AquaCleans 
Art. 19830 
Details 15 ml Bottle
Price other than the shipping costs 
250 L.E

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